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Swim Meet 101

HOME Meet Schedule

4:25          Kid pushers arrive to prepare for arrival and check-in of kids

4:30-4:45  Kids arrive and check-in with kid pushers

5:00          Warm Ups - HHST

5:30          Warm Ups - Away Team

6:00          Meet Begins

AWAY Meet Schedule

4:55           Kid pushers arrive to prepare for arrival and check-in of kids

5:00-5:15  Kids arrive and check-in with kid pushers

5:00           Warm Ups - Home Team

5:30           Warm Ups - HHST

6:00           Meet Begins

What To Bring
Bring goggles, water, money for concessions or snack, something to do (electronics usually aren’t a good idea because things get wet), and at least 2 towels – one to sit on and one for drying off. It is best to apply sunscreen before you come. Parents bring a chair – all of the pool chairs are used in the meet.

Sharpie Swim Numbers at Home

Please write your child's swim ID number on their arms at home with a Sharpie marker before coming to the pool and before applying sunscreen. If you have forgotten your child's swim number, there is a listing on the Swimmer Number tab.

The HHST concession stand is open during all home meets, generally serving Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza, soda, water, candy, frozen treats, chips and home-made baked goods. Come hungry and support the team!!  At away meets, there will be a concession stand as well.

HOME Meets: The Highcroft Pool parking lot is reserved for cars from the visiting team. Please DO NOT park in the pool lot. If you are planning to drive to the meet, you may park only on the pool side of Highcroft Drive.

AWAY Meets: If we are the away team, the other team's parking lot is reserved for us! Plan to arrive early as the lot fills quickly. Street parking will also be available at away meets but please follow signage for parking and restrictions.

Inclement Weather Policy

TSA policy is to allow swimming in the rain, but not in thunder and lightning. However, in the event that lightning is seen and/or thunder is heard, the pool will be evacuated and all participants must leave the pool deck. The pool will be closed and will remain closed until at least 30 minutes has passed since the last time thunder is heard and/or lightning is seen. A decision to postpone or continue the meet will be determined by both team's TSA reps and the Meet Director based on numerous factors, including time to complete meet, doppler forecast, etc. The decision may result in shortening the meet to only main events or postponing the meet for another date. In the unfortunate circumstance that the meet needs to be shortened to main events only, the meet is considered complete after breaststroke. Please be sure to follow our plan on RainedOut via our text messages. You can join by sending the word "highcroft" to 84483.

Swim Meet Basics

All weekday swim meets start at 6:00 pm. The first event is the Medley Relay, followed by individual freestyle, backstroke, breastroke and butterfly events for each age group. The last event of the meet is the Freestyle Relay.

For each event, boys swim first then Girls for each age group, starting with 6 & Unders, followed by 7&8 year olds, 9&10 year olds, 11&12 yard olds, 13&14 year olds and 15&up. Age for the meet is based on swimmers age as of June 1st of that year. For the individual events, there will likely be multiple heats of swimmers so all entered swimmers from each team have the opportunity to swim. 6 & Unders swim 15 yard distance ('kid catchers' will be in the pool to help the swimmer to the other end); 7&8 and 9&10 year old swimmers swim 25 yard distance and swimmers age 11& up swim 50 yard distances. (Of note, some pools are in meters, therefore distance will be 15-25-or 50 meters).

Highcroft swimmers are eligible to swim 3 individual events plus relay(s).Swimmers/parents have the opportunity to select which strokes the swimmer will swim. Entry into the relay is based on Coach's discretion. 6& Unders do not swim butterfly and typically do not participate in a relay. Any swimmer, however, may be selected to 'swim up' on an older are group relay if needed.

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Swim Meet Event Line-Up

In each age group, boys swim first, then girls.

Medley Relay (backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle)

7 & 8 100 yard Medley Relay 

9 &10 100 yard Medley Relay

11 & 12 200 yard Medley Relay

13 & 14 200 yard Medley Relay

15 & up 200 yard Medley Relay


6 & under 15 yard freestyle

7 & 8 25 yard freestyle

9 & 10 25 yard freestyle

11 & 12 50 yard freestyle

13 & 14 50 yard freestyle

15 & up 50 yard freestyle


6 & under 15 yard backstroke

7 & 8 25 yard backstroke

9 & 10 25 yard backstroke

11 & 12 50 yard backstroke

13 & 14 50 yard backstroke

15 & up 50 yard backstroke


6 & under 15 yard breaststroke

7 & 8 25 yard breaststroke

9 & 10 25 yard breaststroke

11 & 12 50 yard breaststroke

13 & 14 50 yard breaststroke

15 & up 50 yard breaststroke


7 & 8 25 yard butterfly

9 & 10 25 yard butterfly

11 & 12 50 yard butterfly

13 & 14 50 yard butterfly

15 & up 50 yard butterfly

Freestyle Relay

7 & 8 100 yard Freestyle Relay

9 &10 100 yard FreestyleRelay

11 & 12 200 yard FreestyleRelay

13 & 14 200 yard Freestyle Relay

15 & up 200 yard FreestyleRelay

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