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    New HHST Swimsuit for 2021 Season

    You will be able to purchase your Highcroft Hurricanes swimsuit via the website/registration process.  (Note:  If you purchase your swimsuit via credit card, there is an additional credit card processing fee of 2.9% plus $.30 that will be added to your total). 

    If you'd like to pay by check, contact Shantelle Salvitti [email protected] to order your swim suit.

    Please reserve a time to try-on the new suit - so that you get correct sizing!

    Swimsuit Try-On SignUp

    Swimsuit try-on will run a bit differently this year. Please arrive at my house (206 Candia Lane) at your designated time. You will be given the full set of swim suits to try on, so no need to decide on a size before you arrive. Please be prepared to leave something of value with me at my home to ensure your timely return of the suits. (Also, I realize this may seem a bit aggressive, but understand the value of the suits in your possession amounts to nearly $1,000). I will expect you to return the box of suits to me at your end time-- where I will also return your valuable item to you. :)

    If you cannot find a suitable time on my sign-up list, please feel free to email me, [email protected], to arrange a different try-on time. I will do my very best to be sure everyone has a fair opportunity to try on swimsuits, but I will need your help too. If you need to change your signup time, no need to inform me. You can just change the time on the signup sheet-- but please try to not be a no-show without removing your name from the sign-up sheet first. Let's see how this goes!

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